ISE 581 Fall 2019

Office Hours : Engineering Center Office, by appt. Materials posted after lectures.

There's Opportunity in Chaos


UPDATED LOOK : Course Matrix by Week, subject to change

1) Intro

2) Waste, Respect & Empower

3) Lean Thinker

Team Project Charter Document

4) 5S

5S Participant Guide

5) Mapping


VSM Participant Guide

Project Team Assignments

Individual Project Guide

6) Lean Metrics and Variation

7) Lean Project Metrics

8) Unknown & Unknowable

9) One page reports 

Example one page report

DRIVE Case Study One Pager

10) Standard Work

Why Standard Word is not Standard?

11) INDEPENDENT REVIEW : Continuous Improvement

INDEPENDENT REVIEW : Lean, Green and Safe

12) INDEPENDENT REVIEW : Lean Communication & Tips

13) Problem Solving

14) Leading Change

15) Knowledge Folder

16) Error Proofing

17) PDCA

Socratic Method

18) SWOT

Risk Management Lean Connected World